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My Brilliant, Beautiful Girl with a Learning Disability.

So Ireland is now in Grade 4 and although I have always known Ireland has to try very hard academically in almost every subject, I have also been told that it is most likely her quiet nature and more of a confidence thing then a learning disability of any type.

I have really been pushing with Ireland's teachers this year as I have noticed that there are comments being placed on her work about studying further and trying hard. This poor child sits with me for up to three hours at night trying to do homework that just is not getting through. She tries so hard and yet does not appear to comprehend the material.

A few weeks ago with much convincing the school decided to give Ireland the Wechsler Intelligence Test and she scored incredibly low. So low in fact that the special education teach said the results were shocking and almost unbelievable. Suddenly Ireland has been moved to the front of a list for a psychological assessment and we need to think about what her capabilities are for the future. How can my girl so smart in so many ways, really have such a low functioning comprehension? Why was this not picked up before on the gazillion attempts we made to suggest tutoring or further programming? Is it because her intellectual impairments do not display behaviour issues so she so easily can fall through the cracks of the system?

I wonder how many other parents are sitting where we are and what they felt their next steps were to ensure their children were in the best possible position for the future? I would love to hear from you.

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